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Clean Energy

Besipae, in collaboration with Kopernik, procured various clean energy technologies for distribution within the region. These technologies serve as eco-friendly alternatives to costly, unsustainable, and hazardous conventional energy sources, resulting in both cost and time savings for the users. 

Biomass Stoves

Improved biomass stove utilizes thermal gasification to convert materials such as firewood, wood shavings, coconut husks, corn cobs, or charcoal into combustible gas, which then ignites a clean, controlled flame, enabling smoke-free and fuel-efficient cooking

Home Solar System

Solar light and solar home system equipped with battery-operated LED lights, chargeable via a compact photovoltaic panel. The solar home system powers three to four LED light bulbs throughout the entire household and includes a larger photovoltaic panel that can be installed on the roof. A full day of exposure to sunlight provides up to eight hours of bright, clean lighting for the household, with certain models even capable of charging mobile phones. These lights are durable and resistant to impacts and adverse weather conditions.

First-Rate Materials

We have strict standards when it comes to what we produce and never compromise on quality. This is especially true when it comes to the first-rate materials we use. Our customers deserve the highest level of products on the market, and we work tirelessly to maintain those standards.

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